Website Content Maintenance Packages

A Successful Website is an active Website!

We understand that Business Owners are busy people. They are telling us:

"We're too busy with the day-to-day running of our Business to update our Website regularly"

Unfortunately, when your Website is not being updated regularly, it SUFFERS. Why, because Google Bot sees your Website as stagnant. This means its not worth coming back to regularly as the content never changes. This is the single most negative effect on your Website's ranking.

Your Customer's also suffer, as they are interacting with a Website that is not delivering your Company's most up-to-date information. You are missing out on sales!

SOLUTION: Let our Team update your Website and leave you to concerntrate on operating your Business.

Website Content Maintenance Packages

Small Package - 3 hours website maintenance per month $399.00 + GST
Medium Package - 5 hours website Maintenance per month $550.00 + GST
Corporate Package - 10 hours website maintenance per month $990.00 + GST

All Maintenance Packages include:

Website content updates = editing of all text, images, products, pricing, videos, audio, multimedia and other types of content on an existing website.

*Note: Blog & Social Media updates are included under our Marketing Package. Update, correct or create new web pages as requested Image optimisation (you email us your image and we make it web ready) Verify all links, downloads, documents are working

**Note: Does not include design/layout changes, Flash animation, database and ASP, PHP, CF, etc. All programming and graphic design work quoted separately.

(12 Monthly Direct Debit payments, minimum 30 days' notice require before cancellation)

"Make sure you put your Company's best foot forward by keeping your Website up-to- date and converting leads into sales"