In a commercial presentation, it is really difficult to capture the attention of a customer, although we have prepared an excellent sales pitch. Do you often face this kind of situation? Here are some tips that may be helpful.

Use percussive media

During the commercial presentation, it is advantageous for all the sales representatives of each company to use supports. These produce more captivating effects and also more alive during the presentation. The people who will attend your presentations are not all the same. We must therefore favor various media that correspond to everyone. For example, you can use video projectors to attract the attention of people with visual memory. For those who are rather auditory, you can refine your oral argument. Finally, do not hesitate to bring samples for people who need to touch to understand. These tools are also a great help for sales people as they can convince potential customers.

Choosing the right information to put forward

Once you have found the right tool for your presentation, it’s important to know what you’re going to put on it. Most people are not interested in three quarters of what you say, so you need techniques. The solution is to say what is really essential. Then, press what you say through your supports. Admittedly, these supports have the capacity to contain a lot of information, but it is not for all that you will present all that you have on your support to your interlocutor. By doing this way, he will be bored and will not remember anything from your presentation. It is for this reason that you must select what you need to say and show.

Well prepare arguments 

This is the foundation of a successful business presentation. To be able to convince its interlocutors, it is important for a salesperson to control his offer. He must be able to answer questions from his interlocutors at any time. In addition, the answers should not leave the context of its trade exhibition. Know also that the first sentence you will present is decisive, so it should not be neglected. The first sentence must be an affirmation or information that will interest the interlocutor. In this way, the commercial will not be intimidated by the interlocutors.


The purpose of a commercial presentation is to convince the interlocutors. Once the salesman finishes his performance, he immediately perceives whether they are convinced or not. In either case, you will have to convince, but in a different way. If you feel that the interlocutors are convinced of what you have said, you must present the arguments of the weakest to the element that you think the most conclusive. In the case where the interlocutors are rather hostile, you must present them first the most convincing argument to the least essential.

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