SEO on the Gold Coast

Search Engine Optimisation, or the SEO, is a new and effective way of gaining more sales and income. SEO has been developed throughout the years and became more complex. This is why training, workshops, and other classes are being conducted by SEO experts in order to catch up with this new trend.

SEO opportunities in Gold Coast are promising. Not all businesses adapt to this new SEO trend. This is why businesses often hire SEO companies in order to help them build up their fame online, boost sales, and increase income.  Find out more here:

If you plan on changing your career, a career in SEO would be a great opportunity. There are tons of SEO opportunities in Gold Coast. In this article, we will be sharing with you 3 SEO careers in that may get your attention:

Digital Marketing Specialist

Being a Digital Marketing Specialist in Gold Coast is an overwhelming job, but definitely it’s also rewarding. A digital marketing specialist would promote the company’s site and products, thus, helps boost sales. The primary responsibilities would include SEO Adwords, social media advertising, keyword optimisation, and working with SEO analytic tools. Of course, a digital marketing specialist must be knowledgeable in SEO.

A Digital Marketing Specialist in Gold Coast can make up to an average of AU$64,151 a year. Of course, this would vary on the length of experience, and skills.

SEO Content Writer

An SEO content writer ensures that the article is SEO-optimised. Meaning, certain keywords are embedded in the article for easier research. The more the writer repeats a certain keyword, there is a bigger chance that the article can be easily located on the internet. There are SEO companies in Gold Coast that need SEO Content Writers. In fact, they need a lot of them because these SEO companies not only promote their website through writing, but also they promote certain products and disseminate related information to the public. In this way, SEO companies’ online exposure is increased.

On the average, an SEO Content Writer in Gold Coast could make up to AU$50,647 a year.

Web Developer

Even web developers need to have a knowledge of SEO. Website and SEO work hand in hand. A website with a bad SEO cannot gain more traffic.  SEO should be incorporated into a website for the sole purpose of increasing traffic or website visitors. Google has billions and billions of research on a monthly basis. It would be impossible for a website to be seen when there is little to no SEO keywords that are placed on the website.

A Web Developer in Gold Coast is paid on an average of AU$59,297 per year.

There are indeed more SEO opportunities in Gold Coast. The good side of this is, we are now living in a modern world where everything can be done online. Not to mention, the presence of home-based opportunities where you can definitely work from home. Yes, work from home opportunities are also available in Gold Coast.

For those who are longing for a career change, it’s never too late to decide to be an SEO expert. SEO keeps on developing as years pass by. SEO companies in Gold Coast keep on sprouting up and services are becoming vaster. Surely, it will be the best decision that you will ever make.

How to captivate the customer’s attention during a commercial presentation?

In a commercial presentation, it is really difficult to capture the attention of a customer, although we have prepared an excellent sales pitch. Do you often face this kind of situation? Here are some tips that may be helpful.

Use percussive media

During the commercial presentation, it is advantageous for all the sales representatives of each company to use supports. These produce more captivating effects and also more alive during the presentation. The people who will attend your presentations are not all the same. We must therefore favor various media that correspond to everyone. For example, you can use video projectors to attract the attention of people with visual memory. For those who are rather auditory, you can refine your oral argument. Finally, do not hesitate to bring samples for people who need to touch to understand. These tools are also a great help for sales people as they can convince potential customers.

Choosing the right information to put forward

Once you have found the right tool for your presentation, it’s important to know what you’re going to put on it. Most people are not interested in three quarters of what you say, so you need techniques. The solution is to say what is really essential. Then, press what you say through your supports. Admittedly, these supports have the capacity to contain a lot of information, but it is not for all that you will present all that you have on your support to your interlocutor. By doing this way, he will be bored and will not remember anything from your presentation. It is for this reason that you must select what you need to say and show.

Well prepare arguments 

This is the foundation of a successful business presentation. To be able to convince its interlocutors, it is important for a salesperson to control his offer. He must be able to answer questions from his interlocutors at any time. In addition, the answers should not leave the context of its trade exhibition. Know also that the first sentence you will present is decisive, so it should not be neglected. The first sentence must be an affirmation or information that will interest the interlocutor. In this way, the commercial will not be intimidated by the interlocutors.


The purpose of a commercial presentation is to convince the interlocutors. Once the salesman finishes his performance, he immediately perceives whether they are convinced or not. In either case, you will have to convince, but in a different way. If you feel that the interlocutors are convinced of what you have said, you must present the arguments of the weakest to the element that you think the most conclusive. In the case where the interlocutors are rather hostile, you must present them first the most convincing argument to the least essential.

Market a new product: how to do it?


Launching a new product is never easy for a company. The difficulties they face are of diverse nature, and often they lack initiatives so that customers lose interest in the product.

To overcome these obstacles, popularize the product is the technique to adopt. But how to do it ? Well-planned sales and marketing strategies can help businesses grow. It is important that each leader implements different marketing techniques to succeed.

Market research

Selling a new product is a huge task. Thus, the company must conduct a market study. It’s a way to promote a product. To do this, the company must analyze new trends, competition and customer needs. The purpose of this technique is to help you better market your product.

The price of the product

Before introducing the product to the market, the pricing strategies for the product must be ready. You can give a suitable price to your product after a market study and a thorough analysis. The price must be practical for the buyer and the seller. A company must try to reach a maximum number of buyers and make a good profit.

Customer analysis

Before selling the product, it is important for the company to know the market it wants to target. The types of customers are many, to know what goes into your targets, it is important to know their likes, preferences and dislikes. This will help the company determine how the product is to be sold.


It is the best tool to promote the product. Advertising is a form of communication where you can convince target customers to buy the product. The purpose of advertising is to give an image and create an identity to your product. You can use many media like TV or internet. The support must be chosen according to the product and the target. But nowadays, internet advertising is proving to be the most beneficial for marketing a new product on the market. On the internet, the company can reach customers from all walks of life.

Reach retailers

Retailers act as a link between customers and producers. Retailers can be of great help to businesses. Indeed, it is important to educate them enough to convince them to buy your product.

The packaging

It must be attractive because it is the first attribute of the product that creates an impression in the customers.

Maintain product quality

This technique should be done once your product is available on the market. It is important for the seller to ensure that the product meets the buyer’s requirement at all times. Every company that wants to succeed in selling its products must be careful to maintain their quality. The better the quality, the better the sales. It’s that simple !